You oughta be game!
The one-rank-above - Online Casino News Digest
You oughta be game!
The one-rank-above - Online Casino News Digest
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Latest Update:December 14, 2022

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Who are OnlineCasinoTimes

Our site “OnlineCasinoTimes” distributes useful information about online casinos. In recent years, interest in the gaming (including online casino) industry in Japan is increasing, and at the same time, the number of online casino registrants is steadily increasing. Behind this is the casino bill that was passed in December 2016 to promote the construction of integrated resorts (IR) facilities, and the lockdown due to the corona virus that has been raging around the world since around April 2020. However, in the first place, Japan is clearly the world’s top class in terms of gambling population and market size, and it is natural that such Japanese users show interest in online casinos. OnlineCasinoTimes provides basic and practical knowledge for beginners to safely start online casinos, as well as reports on domestic market research analysis and user trends that are useful for industry insiders.

Our Main Topics
  • How to play-Basic・Practical・Advance knowledge
  • Detailed Reviews on Online Casino brands and the latest news.
  • Related news and market analysis of casino Industry

The management team of this site defines the value of information as “reliability, practicality, freshness, uniqueness, and rarity”, and strives to deliver high-value information in line with the above three topics.

OnlineCasinoTimes Operation Member

This site, Online Casino Times is run by 4 Japanese experts
Yuta: Webmaster /11 year casino experience
In addition to managing a company, Yuta manages this media. We follow the latest information daily so that we can deliver accurate, timely information about online casinos.
Kana : Research and Business Development/30 year casino experience
A Japanese expert who has worked in the online casino industry for over 20 years and has made various achievements. Established popular online casinos, planned new casinos, and served as Japan country manager for major online casinos.
Ryoji: Writer and Analyst /12 year casino experience
Whilst working for the Marketing Strategy Division of the head office of one of the world’s three largest apparel companies, he researches and varidates casino winning strategies Since 2018, he has written over 100 articles a year as a smart writer for online casinos.
Hideki : Writer/ 14 year casino experience
Worked as a web content writer for over 20 years. He has extensive writing experience not only on online casinos but also on gambling in general, and specializes in How-To explanations for beginners.

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This site, Online Casino Times is operated by a team of 4 Japanese experts
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